Revize Training

Flat Rock Community Center, MI

April 29th and May 6th 11:00 AM EST

Part 1 - The Basics (90 minutes)

Following Options Available to All Users

Login / Adding Content & Links (Edit Center Data)

Save / Save as Draft / Cancel / History
Heather and Shannon are awesome 
Adding Images: ADA Compliance
Basketball Blowout 2018 Group photo

Left Navigations: Creating Pages/ Modules/ Templates

  • FAQ: Default navigation
  • Photo Gallery
  • Staff Directory, Bid Posting, Document Center

Creating Calendar Event

Help Page / Revize Support / Admin Panel / Publishing & File Manager

Admin options; Creating Accounts (assigning users, roles & permissions)
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Part 2 - Advanced Features and Q&A (90+ minutes)
        Q&A:  Have you been editing the site? Any concerns? Questions?          

                                                                         Editing the Top Navigations                                                                                                                                    
Following Options Available to All Users 
Link to an Anchor
Adding YouTube Video        


Editing the Banner Image
Editing Modules /Pages: Photo Gallery, freeform, fullwidth

Admin options
Editing Home Page, enotify

Using the Back End/Admin Page (hidden pages)

Note:     Some options are not enabled until the site is LIVE such as “Facebook Integration”, “enotify”, “save-as-draft'”, “Search”