Let's Tour Flat Rock

For Seniors 60 years of age and up!

When: Mondays March 15th through April 26th (anytime the Rec Center is open)
A Prize Ceremony will be held  May 3rd 10:00 am

Get Moving, Get Healthy, and Get Acquainted with businesses along the Telegraph Corridor!

Description: The tour begins when you use your feet and your imagination. As you walk the track or the rec center outdoor path you will be guided by our special mapping project on the distance you have walked and the business you passed while on your journey. There will be 7 legs to your journey. You can complete one leg each week or double up any time. You, your feet, and your body will determine how far you choose to walk each week. Finish any or all of the legs, the distance traveled will help determine the number of prizes you can win!

How it works: Each Monday check-in at the registration desk. Walk either inside or out. Before you leave check back in with the registration desk letting them know how far you walked!

We will be using the honor system and hoping no one will fudge their numbers. 

$15 with yearly membership       $25 without a yearly membership
Signup by March 8th!