Mad Science Virtual Camps

NASA Innovators Camp
August 3 - 7

Grades: 1-7
This camp requires kids to think and act like NASA innovators! They will be NASA Astronauts in training as they use their creative and collaborative skills to design a mission patch, train like an astronaut, and solve real-world engineering problems. How might space suit cooling tubes be used to solve a problem here on Earth? Classes are filled with brand new Space Videos
direct from NASA.

NASA Camp: Academy of Future Space Explorers
August 10 - 14
Grades: 1-7
Mad Science has teamed up with NASA in a quest for exploration! We’ll take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere and beyond as we explore planets, moons, and other space phenomena in our solar system. Things will heat up as we examine the sun and other stars and discover the difficulties of space travel! Kids will get a firsthand experience of the challenges of living in space as they try to assemble a satellite while training to be an astronaut. Kids will participate in a real “NASA” style rocket launch!

Eureka! The Inventor's Camp
August 24 - 28
10am - 12:30pm
Grades: 1-7
Inspire the inventor and scientist in you! Campers will overcome a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors and the most important of all----their mind! With a little bit of ingenuity children will create catapults and forts, and even construct their own working Light Sabers!! While Thomas Edison said "invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration", this camp is 100% FUN! 

COST: $134/camp
Register here. NO registration will be done at the Community Center.